I went shopping at the Build-A-Bear and Claire’s over the weekend.

Build-A-Bear was packed because people got a $15 coupon.  I wanted to get their new Kabu plushies.  :3  They’re super duper cute.  They’ve got that American ‘kawaii’ feel, but they’re still adorable enough that I liked them.  I got all three plus their outfits and accessories.  They didn’t even have time to get the clothes out on the floor.  The lady who worked there got them for me from the back.  :3  Which was awesome and kind of her.  ❤

I bought a bunch of clip-on earrings at Claire’s in different styles.  I actually have pierced ears, but the backs always heal over and ugh.  It’s not worth the pain and effort to keep popping them back open.  So I get clips.  I got foxes, stars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and tiny cute pandas.

I got a couple of necklaces, a fox that matches the earrings, and a kitty that matches a pair of earrings I got last year.  A prettyful unicorn bracelet and a couple of plush key-rings.


Long time no see!

Wow.  I haven’t been here in forever.

The pool I posted about got a big hole in it the next year because someone thought they would be smart and use a power washer to clean it.  Sliced a great hole right into it.  😦

But it lives on because I cut it apart and used the rubbery material to make a waterproof lid for the rabbit hutch that is still useful and good.  :3

I did end up finding a ladder though, someone had it out for the trash and I swooped in and got it.  It’s still tucked away for when I decide to try again with a pool.


Swimmy pools

I got the pool set up yesterday and partly filled.

I’m filling it up a little at a time so I don’t kill our water pump.  We don’t have a water bill ’cause we have a well, but we do have a pump and I don’t want to screw it up by running the hose 24/7 until the pool is filled.

The bad side?  It’s too cold to swim.  And the pool didn’t come with a ladder.  And the places that sell the pools…don’t sell ladders.  What is wrong with these people?  XD  A ladder is like a vital piece of equipment to get in and out of the pool and they don’t sell them.  I suppose I could go otter style and just slide in and jump out.


Just keep swimming…just keep swimming

I’ve been researching on pools.  A decent in ground pool is way too expensive at the moment.  😦  But a little above ground one is right on the money.  🙂  I got a twelve foot x 36 inch deep round pool today.  I haven’t put it up and it didn’t come with a ladder.  Boo.  But I did get toys for it.

I got a pink pool noodle with a seahorse head/tail.  I named him Noodles.  I also got a giraffe beach ball, a floating ducky thermometer and a three piece set of frog floaties.  But best of all, for myself, I got a three piece set of floaties that has bees on it.  ❤  YAY BEES.  It has a ring (too small.  Boo.  :P), a floating ‘lounger’ and a pink beach ball with bees.  I’m not actually sure the ring would fit anyone.  It’s really really little.  😐  Unless they’re not making them to go up around someone.


Up way to early.

I worked until 1am, but there was a yard sale.  And I needed things.  So many things.  That I…didn’t know I needed until I saw them.

Mostly toys.  Because toys are awesome.  I got a couple of plushies, a big expansion track set for my Thomas train and a box full of plastic jungle animals.  And a little wooden toy box type thing.   Which I filled up with the toys I bought.


ET…go home.

So.  They found a bunch of old ET Atari games in a landfill.  Everyone I know who is Nouveau Nerd is like “Ooooh, I wonder if they’ll be selling them.  That would be so coooooool.”

And as I’ve attempted to play that game back in the day I’m just sitting there like “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”  and then I go full on Mike Wazowski on them…